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Plinths & Platforms are still considered the only way to show rugs by the traditional oriental rug dealers and some department stores. However, the majority of retailers can't afford to employ the staff to help customers throw back rugs one at a time, hence the growing popularity of swinging-arm and sliding track rug displays that are customer friendly for self selection.

Wall Hanging Systems for Rugs - This is a wall mounted system of 3 metal rails that enables, for instance, 3 rugs of the same pattern but in different sizes, to be shown one atop the other. A system of rail clips and chains allow the rugs to hang at different heights.

click to enlargeSwinging Arm Self-Selection - As easy as turning the pages in a book, this is truly customer friendly. All of the weight of the rugs is taken by the arms which allows a typically female shopper to see all the patterns on offer, whereas this same potential customer has had to give up, exhausted, after viewing only the top 2 or 3 rugs in a pile on the floor.

click to enlargeSliding Track Rug Displays - This is the professional rug dealer's choice. These displays usually require a substantial ceiling height to show off the larger rugs. They are available in 2 or 3 bay configurations and hold anywhere from 30 to 60 rugs of varying sizes.