Warehousing, Distribution and Installation
Carpet Wall Displays
Carpet Island Displays
Carpet Lectern & Waterfall Displays
Swing Arm & Sliding Track Rug Displays
Ceramic Tile Displays
Wood & Laminate Displays
Warehousing, Distribution, Installation

Containers shipped worldwide

Displad can handle all your marketing and logistics problems in the UK and Western Europe.

Design and Manufacture
Our experience design team understands the cultural differences in each market. Details like acceptable sample sizes and preferred wood colours vary from country to country.

Storage of your Samples
We can store and distribute your samples to the large retail groups with their ever-changing plans of store openings, that require an instant service.

Delivery and Installation of Displays with Samples
We liase with your customer to co-ordinate convenient times and dates. In effect we become responsible for your merchandising programme.